Injection Clinic Schedule

Injection Clinic Schedule

Upcoming injection clinic schedules and office closures will be noted below.  Please review location specific notes and reminders and adjust your schedule accordingly.


See location specific notes below.
  • No restrictions
  • 11/28 Closed all day
  • Saturday's Open 11/23
  • NOTE: You must call at least a day in advance if you intend on coming in for an injection on a Saturday.  As always, all other days, you may just walk in provided you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing.


See location specific notes below.
  • 11/8 closed 4pm-5pm
  • 11/29 closed all day
  • NOTE: You must notify us the week prior if you intend to receive your injection in the Twinsburg office.


See location specific notes below.
  • No Restrictions

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